The EME177-R2 Crystal Heater has been specifically designed to suit the EME175 Oscillator Kit to help stabilize frequency drift due to temperature.  It can also be used on many other products that have a frequency reference crystal including Radio Transceivers, Receivers and other oscillators that use crystals.  This Kit is also suitable for portable battery operation, and can be set for a temperature between +30 @ +75 degrees C.  Warm up time when mounted to an EME175 Oscillator using a 96MHz 50 degree C crystal in an insulated box, within 100Hz @ 576MHz in 10 minutes. Within 10 Hz @ 576MHz in 1 Hour.

The Product image shows a fully constructed Kit product.  Please refer to the Options Tab for the descriptions of the various products available.

EME177-R2 KIT is the Basic Kit that includes the PC board, Instructions, and all on board components. Requires complete construction and soldering of SMD components.

EME177-R2 KITB is fully constructed and tested product.

Kits Do Not include the crystal, oscillator board, or miscellaneous hardware.  For advanced constructors Only.

Set Point Temperature:
Adjustable +30 to 75 degrees C
Warm Up Time:
With EME175 Oscillator, within 100Hz @ 576MHz in 10 minutes, 10Hz 1 hour
Turn On Power:
< 300mA when set for use with a 50deg C crystal ( 25deg C room temperature )
Steady State Power:
60mA when set for 50 degrees ( 25deg C room temperature )
Operating Voltage: +8vdc @ 300mA ( Requires a regulated +8vdc supply )
Board Size: 34mm L x 19mm W x 10mm H

For more information see the EME177 KIT WEBPAGE

Application Block Diagram

EME177-R2 Temperature Controlled Crystal Heater

  • Brand: Mini-Kits
  • Product Code: EME177-R2 KIT
  • Quantity In stock: 20
  • $29.90

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