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Mini-Kits is an Australian Registered Company, and is not associated with other companies using the word Minikits, or Mini-Kits in their advertising. Products are not available through secondary suppliers outside of Australia, and should not be confused with other Minikits products sold by other suppliers. The reference to Mini-Kits, or Mini-Kits pricing is not to be used on any other website as an advantage to sell other product. Please Note, All website content including Text and Pictures are Copyright to Mini-Kits and cannot be used on any other website without the permission from Mini-Kits. All Kits, Documentation, Artwork, and Software designed by Mini-Kits is subject to Copyright, and cannot be reproduced without the permission from Mini-Kits. Our Kits and Software are not to be used for commercial applications without our approval.


1. Please Note: Most Kits are for advanced constructors with some experience with UHF construction techniques and alignment. Some Kits are supplied with tiny surface mount components and require good eyesight. All Kits are extensively tested to ensure that they will have consistent and predictable performance from Kit to Kit. Kits are provided with construction notes, circuit diagrams, component pin out data, and PC board overlay diagrams where required, to assist with construction. Mini-Kits provides a Kit Help section on this website that you should always consult before contacting us. Many Kits have their own webpages to assist those that may be having difficulty constructing or making a Kit work.

2. Most Kits can be supplied as built and tested PC boards less the box and mounting hardware. A Spectrum Analyzer and Microwave Power meter would be useful when building any of the Microwave and Local Oscillator Kits, but this is not essential.

Transmitting Kits

1. For Australian Customers. Transmitting Kits Including Power Amplifiers will not be sold to unlicensed operators. All Transmitting Kits listed in the Kit section, require the operator to have the applicable Radio license Qualifications under the Australian Communications Authorities, Apparatus License for Radio Amateurs, or Professional Qualifications allowing the use of such equipment. Illegal operation of a Radio Transmitter attracts penalties under the Radio Communications Act, and can cause interference to Primary communication services and the Secondary Amateur Radio Services.

2. For International Customers. Mini-Kits cannot be responsible or held liable for the use of any of our Products outside of Australia, including its technical compliance with local regulations and laws. We make every effort to ensure that Transmitter products including RF Power Amplifiers are only sold to customers that are allowed to use them.

Product End Use

1. Buyers may be asked to disclose the end use of the product before we will sell to them. Some products are not able to be sold into some countries as they have export restrictions.

2. We no longer sell to businesses who intend to resell our products. Mini-Kits only sells direct to the end use customer.

Product Stock and Backorders

1. Mini-Kits keep a very large Inventory with many products in Bulk Stock quantities. All products that are in stock are sent next business day. Any products that are out of stock are placed on backorder, and an Email will be sent to you. Backorders will be sent out without further postal charges provided that the products were available on this WEB site at the time of your order.

2. Products that were not in stock at the time your ordered, or are special order items may be subject to an extra delivery charge. We prefer Special order items to be purchased on a separate order unless you are willing to wait for the goods to arrive before shipping what we have in stock.

3. Price and Availability are subject to change and can be checked before ordering. The Mini-Kits website is updated daily, and all prices and availability can be checked by viewing the Products Page. Generally everything on the website is in stock.

4. All products and quantities must be confirmed before ordering. If you want to change the quantities, or delete or add products from a Quote or Proforma Invoice, then please email us so that we can amend your Quote. All Orders require a quote due to the costs to ship some heavy and or bulky products.

5. When Ordering Large Quantities of Built Products, or for Bulk orders of Components, Please Call or email to ask for a Quotation on Price, and Estimated Delivery Time. We do give discounts when you buy a number of the same product.

6. Purchase Orders for Specially Built Products that have already been built within the Quoted Delivery time and then Cancelled, are subject to being Invoiced for any costs incurred by Mini-Kits.

7. Any Changes in Specifications for a Built Product from the original Quotation or Purchase Order, may be subject to extra charges being Invoiced.

Warrantee Conditions

1. All components supplied in our Kits are high grade and have a low failure rate in manufacture. Components like Semiconductors, MMIC's, GasFETs and Mitsubishi power modules, are extensively tested by the manufacturers and supplied in static safe packaging. Static safe handling and a grounded soldering iron should be used with high risk components.

2. Mini-Kits will not normally replace any damaged or supposedly faulty Kits or Components without us testing or identifying a defect in faulty workmanship or materials. We will always try and help you out with any problems that you may have with our products.

3. Mini-Kits will not pay for any claims due to loss of time including labour when building our Kit products. Kit builders should be aware that any Kit could have a faulty or out of specification component that could cause a Kit to not work or meet specifications. Mini-Kits only purchases high grade components from suppliers, or manufacturers that Guarantee them being genuine and meeting specification. Please contact us if you are having any difficulties constructing a Kit.

4. Mini-Kits will not be responsible for any of our products that may have been purchased to be used commercially, or for Military use. Mini-Kits policy is that all commercial purchasers must notify Mini-Kits on the end use of the product.

Customer Responsibility

1. Mini-Kits cannot be held responsible for any damages due to the failure of electronic components supplied by manufacturers, or incorrect Kit construction causing electronic component explosion or fire. Safety glasses must always be worn when soldering, or when cutting and drilling in construction. Molten solder can be dangerous if it is flicked off of soldering irons, and commonly causes eye injury.

2. Soldering over time can cause health problems including Asthma. It is highly recommended to use good ventilation, and or solder fume extraction when soldering, especially if you suffer from Asthma. Burning of enamel on enameled copper wire should also be avoided, as it has similar health concerns to soldering. Please refer to MSDS safety data sheets for these products that are available from the manufacturers.

3. All Kits should be initially tested wearing safety glasses, and a current regulated power supply. Electrolytic capacitors inserted reverse polarity are prone to exploding, and can cause eye injury. All completed Kits should be fitted with a suitable fuse, or circuit breaker to the power supply for safety. Mini-Kits are not liable for any damages to articles including electronic equipment with which our products are attached to, or modified to use in conjunction with.

4. Please Note that Mini-Kits cannot be responsible or held liable for the use of any of our Products outside of Australia, including its technical compliance with local regulations and laws. We make every effort to ensure that Transmitter products including RF Power Amplifiers are only sold to customers that are allowed to use them.

Kit Repairs

1. If you have trouble with your Kit, Mini-Kits can either help you repair it, or we can repair it for you. For us to repair your Kit, it must be assembled to a satisfactory standard. Please Email first before sending any products back for repair.

2. For Australian Customers. A repair charge of $33.00 AUD applies, which covers minor parts, labour and return postage. If a Kit requires extensive work and a large replacement of components, then we will contact you with a quotation for the repair.

3. For International Customers please Email, as there are extra costs for Airmail return.

Delivery of Goods

Non Delivery Of Goods must be reported to Mini-Kits as soon as possible

International Customers

1. Standard International Orders are mostly sent as a personal Gift without Insurance, through Australia Post to your your country. We use Australia Post Airmail that is a very reliable delivery service, and we have had an extremely low failure of delivery over 15 years. Goods Tracking is not available on any of Australia Posts Airmail services except, Express Courier International. Please see the International Delivery section on the delivery webpage for more information.

2. Insurance is available at extra cost on all delivery services excluding Registered Airmail. Mini-Kits will not cover any loss of goods that are not insured. Goods are purchased with agreement from the buyer, that any loss of goods through the mail services without insurance is not the responsibility of Mini-Kits.

3. Airmail delivery times from Australia are generally fast to the USA, UK, and NZ, but generally there can be some long delays to some European countries including Italy and Greece of up to 10 weeks. Delays are generally due to slower mail or customs delays in those countries. Please be Patient and contact us first before trying to claim the loss of goods. Goods claims cannot be made until at least 8 weeks after non delivery. Mini-Kits can only claim loss on goods from Australia Post if the goods were insured.

4. We discourage customers that use Paypal to purchase goods from using the Paypal Protection Policy and holding Mini-Kits responsible for refunding money on goods lost in the mail system. Any non delivery of goods should be reported to Mini-Kits to investigate first before making any claims through the Paypal system. Mini-Kits keeps records of all customers goods sent through the mail system and will challenge any claims with Paypal or the Customer on the grounds that we have not sent the goods. Mini-Kits policy is to not refund or replace goods that have not been insured by the customer.


1. All standard orders in Australia are sent by Australia Post uninsured. The risk to Goods is not the responsibility of Mini-Kits once they have been delivered to Australia Post. The Goods then become the responsibility of the Customer which then has consumer rights to the goods being delivered by the carrier. Australia Post can also offer Insurance, Registered Post, and Courier Delivery if required at extra cost. We recommend Australia Post Parcel post or Express Bags as they have tracking. Please see the Australian Delivery section on the delivery webpage for more information.

2. For non delivery of Goods, Please contact Mini-Kits by Email ASAP. If you have purchased goods with Parcel Post, Express or Registered Post, please ask us for the barcode number so that you can contact Australia Post to find the goods.

Damaged Goods

Goods sent by Australia Post are not normally sent with Insurance. Optional Insurance is available for goods sent within Australia, or International by EMS courier at extra cost. Mini-Kits is not responsible for any goods once they have been delivered to Australia Post for delivery. Mini-Kits will assist to help and liaise with Australia Post with claims for damaged goods. Mini-Kits tries to packages the goods to avoid damage due to dropping, but fragile products like ferrite and iron cores can be easily damaged, and it is up to the customer to select the appropriate shipping in the checkout to avoid damage.

Return of Goods

Goods can only be returned with authorization by Email first. Goods can be returned within 14 days for a full refund provided that they are in the original unmarked condition when sold. Returns do not apply to semiconductors, or Goods that were Special Orders. Mini-Kits will not refund the post and packaging charges, Bank or Paypal fees, or pay for return postage. Refunds for Australian customers are by direct Bank debit, cheque, or Paypal only. Charges apply for Overseas customers for refunds due to Bank fees and charges.

GST Compliance

1. All Pricing on this Website includes 10% Goods and Services Tax ( GST ) as per the ACCC requirements for Australian Business.

2. Mini-Kits is GST Registered, and issues a Tax Invoice in accordance with the ( ATO ), Australian Taxation Office guidelines, and the Invoice will show the GST separately. For all goods sold on or after the 1st of July 2000, will include GST at the rate of 10% on all Products and Services. This also includes Post and Packaging, Delivery, and Labour Charges which are now subject to GST.

3. Exports are not subject to GST, and the GST is deducted for customers outside of Australia when using the shopping cart.

Paypal Including Credit Card Fees

1. This Website adds a percentage fee to cover the fees and transaction charges that are charged to us when using Paypal. The fee is shown in the checkout when Paypal is selected, showing the full fee cost. Currently we charge a Fee of 2.0% plus 30 cents to cover the full costs for this service charged to us by Paypal.

2. Under current ACCC ruling we must disclose any fees and charges separately when quoting total pricing which this website does.