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What is Mini-Kits?

Mini-Kits is an Australian company that designs, prototypes, and sells a range of Radio related electronic Kits and products that are suitable for Hobbyists, Engineers, and commercial applications. In addition, we stock a large range of specialized RF components and products for the construction of equipment for the HF to Microwave bands.

Mini-Kits was formed in late 1996 due to a increased demand for Radio Frequency components by Australian Amateur Radio Experimenters, and has now expanded into the commercial area, filling contracts to provide a fast RF design and prototype service to its customers. A number of New Ham Radio related Kit designs are derived from our commercial prototypes, using current component technology and circuit design techniques.

All Kits products that we sell have been designed and developed by us, and have a full backup service for our Customers. We strive to continually improve our products to provide the best quality, performance, and value for money. New Kits are designed to use components that will be readily available into the future, and of current technology, to ensure that you are buying a quality product that can be serviced and will last for many years. For the highest performance and reliability, Only high quality first grade components from large suppliers in the USA, or direct from major manufacturers are used in our Kits.

Mini-Kits quality value for money products have allowed us to grow our sales substantially by exporting worldwide. A substantial amount of money is re-invested back into our business to continually expand our range of products on offer. Compare our prices on similar products, and you will find that Mini-Kits has some of the lowest cost Ham Radio Products available in the World. Back this up with quick email replies to you questions and technical support, and it is hard to beat.

If you require any information on any of our products or the services, then please contact us.

Regards Mark

Amateur Radio Callsign VK5EME