This Kit has been designed as a Logic interface for the EME190 PIC Micro controller board to control the M1 modules used in the M1 Transceiver.   The board expands the number of outputs from the micro controller for controlling the various functions of the transceiver, and also has on board power supply switching to control the receive and transmit switching voltage requirements of the M1 Transceiver modules. 74HC595 expander IC's are used and provide up to 30 output functions that can be programmed with the M1-DDS software via a menu system, and additional boards can be connected to provide more outputs. 

Kits Include the PC Board, on board components, and all IDC male and female Header connectors.

The Product image shows a fully constructed Kit product.  Please refer to the Options Tab for the descriptions of the various products available.

Please Note: That we can only help with software support for software that has been purchased from Mini-Kits.

EME187 KIT1 is a complete Kit that includes the PC board, Instructions, all on board components, and IDC male and Female headers.  Requires complete construction, and soldering of SMD components.

EME187 PCB is the PC Board and Instructions. No on board components are included.

Kits Do Not include miscellaneous hardware, ribbon cable, or enclosures. 

It is recommended that you use the M1 controller and software for logic control of this board.

Data Control:
serial data and clock
Logic Inputs:
PTT ( push to talk ) GND for TX
Logic Outputs:
32 logic 0 to +5vdc available
Switched Power Outputs:
+8V/RXA, +8V/TXA, +8V/B Preamp, +8V/C Preamp Bypass
Operating Voltage: +5vdc from the micro-controller board, +12vdc @ 200mA
Board Size: 84mm L x 65.5mm W x 20mm H


Please refer to the M1-DDS-Controller Block Diagram on how this Kit is used

EME187 Logic Interface

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