The Mini-Kits EME213 is a high performance 9MHz IF Noise Blanker with an optional noise antenna input, and has the ability to effectively blank power line noise  without introducing audio distortion.  Noise Blanker 1 ( NB1 ) uses the IF noise which is tapped from a 9MHz 100kHz wide input filter that is amplifier by an adjustable high gain amplifier to produce noise pulses. The use of a manually adjusted amplifier instead of a commonly used Automatic Gain Controlled ( AGC ) amplifier reduces audio distortion on strong on frequency or adjacent signals. The noise pulses generated are used to switch a high speed comparator to produce accurately delayed pulses that are used to drive a balanced diode noise blanker gate circuit. The 4.3uS delay through the 9MHz input filter, and the delayed blanking pulses from the comparator allow the NB gate to precisely eliminate the noise without punching big holes in the signal.  When using NB2, an optional wide band noise antenna can be connected and the adjustable high gain amplifier then becomes a tune-able receiver between 9 and 13MHz. The tune ability allows the amplifier to be tuned to avoid strong shortwave broadcast signals to a clear band to receive the noise only. The NB2 is very effective against very high levels of power line noise, and when this mode is used there is basically no audio distortion on the signals.   This module has been specifically designed as a building block for the Mini-Kits M1 Series HF Transceiver, but is also ideal to construct you own Receiver or Transceiver design.

For more detailed information on how this module Kit can be used, Please refer to the EME213 Kit webpage.

This Kit is ideal for all constructors mainly due to the use of conventional leaded components.  Only a very small number of surface mount components have been used due to component availability.  The basic Kit includes the PC board and all on board components, but excludes the SMA connectors which can be purchased separately if required.

For the highest performance and reliability, Only high quality first grade components from large suppliers in the USA, or direct from major manufacturers are used in this Kit.

EME213 KIT is the Basic Kit that only includes the PC board, Instructions, and on board components. Requires complete construction, and soldering of some SMD components.

3 x SMA45 connectors are recommended to use with inter wiring of the module board Kits.

1 x IDC16S connector is recommended to use with inter wiring of the module board Kits.

Hammond 1590BBFL enclosure or similar is optional and may not be required to fully shield the module board from other RF circuitry.

PC boards are not available separately as this Kit uses a number of specialized components that are not easily obtainable in low quantities.

Kits Do Not include miscellaneous hardware, enclosure, or RF connectors, but do include the 2.54mm on board headers.

Input Frequency:
9MHz input 50ohms
IF Amplifier Gain:
1.5dB +/-2dB @ 9MHz
IF Bandwidth:
100kHz @3dB @ 9MHz
50ohms Inputs and Output
NB Gate:
Balanced Diode Bridge
Operating Voltage: +10 to 15vdc ( +12vdc @ 110mA )
Board Size: 84mm L x 73mm W x 20mm H

For more information see the EME213 KIT WEBPAGE

M1 Series 9MHz IF Noise Blanker

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