This Kit has primarily been designed as a PIC Micro controller to suit the M1-DDS Controller Kit, but can be used as a general purpose Micro controller board using your own software.  The board allows for interfacing of a 4x4 Keypad, LCD Display, and various input and output circuitry using on board Headers. The Kit uses a powerful PIC18F4520, and most Pins are available on connections around the outside of the chip. The Micro controller can easily be programmed using the Microchip PICKIT2 programmer connected to the IDC2 programming header on the board.

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Please Note: That we can only help with software support for software that has been purchased from Mini-Kits.

EME190 KIT1 is a complete Kit that includes the PC board, Instructions, all on board components, and IDC male and Female headers.  Does Not include the optional M1-DDS software or ribbon cable. Requires complete construction and soldering of some SMD components.

EME190 KIT2 is the EME190 KIT1 but has the PIC18F4520 soldered to the PC board with the M1-DDS software programmed.  Requires some construction and soldering of some SMD components.

The optional M1-DDS software currently supports both the AD9851 and AD9954 DDS chips.  Bands above 50MHz cannot be used with the AD9851 as it has an upper frequency of 70MHz.

Kits Do Not include miscellaneous hardware, ribbon cable, or enclosures.

Microchip PIC18F4520-I/PT 40MHz, 32k flash
Flash Memory:
24LC256 32k on board chip
Clock: 10MHz on board crystal
Data Interface:
Optional I2C bus, USB to serial adapter
Analogue Inputs:
10 bit A-D up to 3 inputs available
Programming Port:
IDC2 using a Microchip PICKIT2 or 3 programmer
Operating Voltage: +12 to 14vdc ( +12vdc 50mA )
Board Size: 84mm L x 65.5mm W x 20mm H

For more information see the EME190 KIT WEBPAGE

Please refer to the M1-DDS-Controller Block Diagram on how this Kit is used

EME190 PIC18F4520 Controller

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