High Quality cable assemblies using Andrew CNT®-240, ( RG-8X, 240 type Equivalent ) 50ohm coaxial cable with customer selected connector options. This is a complete cable assembly with two crimped connectors that are heat-shrink covered to waterproof and increase the strength of the connector to cable connection.  This High Quality manufactured cable is suitable for interconnection of HF to SHF equipment, and has a foam inner with dual braid and foil shielding, and solid copper inner conductor.  Ideal for using instead of RG213 as it has similar losses, but is much lighter and easier to handle.  This cable is equivalent to all other quality 240 type brand name cables.

Specifications: CNT-240 6.1mm OD dia, VF 0.83, attenuation 0.323dB per metre @ 900MHz.  Power rating 1.02KW @ 30MHz, 180W @ 900MHz.  For further information please see the Andrew CNT-240 Data Sheet

This cable is manufactured to a very high commercial standard and should not be compared to cheap Chinese brand name cables

CNT-240 cable Price is per metre length. Connector prices include a fitting charge of $7.70 AUD per connector including heat-shrinking.

Please select the required length and connector Options for each end of the cable.

CNT®-240 Design Your Own Coaxial Cable Assy

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