The Mini-Kits EME221-23CM is a High Performance RX/TX masthead Pre-amplifier, and is specifically designed for the 23cm 1240-1300MHz Amateur Band. The design uses the Mini-Circuits PGA-103 E-PHEMT amplifier that has a very high dynamic range and ultra low noise figure, and provides superior performance to Mos or GaAs FETs. The gain is adjustable so that the gain distribution can be optimized for coaxial cable loss that can be significant on the 23cm band, and also to suit the receiver gain.  The design incorporates VOX RF sensed changeover Relays for Trasnsceivers up to 25 Watts CW without using sequencing, or can handle up to 50 Watts PEP if sequencing is used.  An on board bias tee ( DC power injector ), allows the pre-amplifier to be antenna mounted and powered via the coaxial cable. A ceramic high pass filter on the output provides rejection of signals below 1000MHz.

The Product picture shows a completed EME221-23CM-MH product with TNC connectors. N type connectors or adapters cannot be fitted as they are too large for the enclosure.

Refer to the application block diagram and the EME221 product Webpage for more information.

EME221-23CM-MH Is a fully constructed product in a Nickel sprayed GME masthead enclosure with TNC female connectors.  Please see the specifications TAB for more information.

N Type female connectors will not fit on this product due to the masthead enclosure internal dimensions.

Frequency Range:
1130 to 1430MHz ( BW 300MHz @ 1dB )
Band Rejection:Typically >68dB @ 145MHz, >47dB @ 435MHz
Gain Adjustable:Typically +22dB Max @ 1290MHz Adjustable
Noise Figure:
1.5dB ( Typically <1.2dB @ 1290MHz )
Through Loss:
0.8dB ( Typically <0.6dB @ 1290MHz ) Bypass Mode
RF Power Handling:
25W CW ( Un-Sequenced ) 50W PEP ( Sequenced )
Minimum RF Input:
+30dBm ( 1Watt ) To activate the RF sensing circuit
Operating Voltage:+11 to 15vdc ( +12vdc @ 200mA Recommended )
RF Connectors:TNC Female ( Not available in other types )
Maximum Cable Diameter:6.5mm ( CNT-240® RG-8X Recommended )
Enclosure Size:125mmL x 115mmW x 40mmD
Kit Webpage:For actual product Tests see the EME221 Kit Webpage

This Product is available to ship to Australia and New Zealand Only and is Not available for Export to other countries.

Please Note: Built products need to be constructed and can take up to 10 working days before being shipped.

For more information please see the EME221 Product Webpage

23cm 1240-1300MHz UHF RX/TX Masthead Preamplifier

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