The HF353 +5v Relay Kit is suitable for switching RF from DC to 3GHz, and has a low loss and better than 17dB return loss to 2.4GHz. The Axicom HF353 Relay is specified for up to 50 Watts continuous RF power @ 2.5GHz, so should easily handle up to 100 Watts PEP at 70cm, and maybe 50 Watts PEP at 1.2GHz.  We have tested this product with 50 Watts on the 70cm band, and 20 Watts on the 23cm bands, and found no evidence of heating due to losses.  We cannot however guarantee reliability when using this relay at higher power levels over time, and suggest that it is not hot RF switched to avoid damage.  The tests on this product can be found of the EME225 Kit webpage. 

The Relay coil voltage is +5vdc but can be used on +12vdc as a voltage drop resistor is supplied

The Product image shows a fully constructed Kit product.  Please refer to the Options Tab for the descriptions of the various products available.

EME225 KIT is a Basic Kit that includes the PC board, HF356 +12v Relay 5v, 3 x SMA connectors, and minor on board components. 

Requires complete construction and soldering of SMD components.  For medium experienced constructors.
Return Loss:
39dB @ 150MHz, 26dB @ 430MHz, 19.5dB @ 1.3GHz, 17.5dB @ 2.4GHz, 20dB @ 3.4GHz
Insertion Loss:
0.08dB @ 150MHz, 0.13dB @ 450MHz, 0.28dB @ 1.3GHz, 0.5dB @ 2.4GHz, 0.54dB @ 3.4GHz
Isolation between ports:
80dB @ 150MHz, 70dB @ 430MHz, 54dB @ 1.3GHz, 48dB @ 2.4GHz, 40dB @ 3.4GHz
Board Size: 36mm L x 30mm W x 12mm H

For more information see the EME225 KIT WEBPAGE

DC-3GHz 50W RF HF353 +5v Relay Kit

  • Brand: Mini-Kits
  • Product Code: EME225-HF353 KIT
  • Quantity In stock: 10
  • $39.95

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