EME225 Relay Kit

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EME225 PC Board Description:

This Relay Kit is suitable for switching RF from DC to at least 3.4GHz, and has a low loss and high 50ohm return loss. The Te Connectivity Axicom HF353 Relay is specified for up to 50Watts @ 2.5GHz, and specified for up to 50Watts continuous RF power @ 2.5GHz, so should easily handle up to 100 Watts PEP at 70cm and 1.2GHz.

We have tested this product with 50 Watts on the 70cm band, and 20 Watts on the 23cm bands, and found no evidence of heating due to losses.

Kit Constructors Alert:

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EME225 KIT Notes:

The Kit is quite straightforward to construct so no notes are supplied. Care should be taken to make sure that the relay is accurately aligned on the board before soldering it into place. The SMA connectors need to be soldered on both sides of the board for the bests grounding and retun loss. BUY THIS PRODUCT

  • EME225 Top View Vie
    The picture shows the Basic Kit with SMA connectors. The 180 ohm resistor is used to drop +12vdc down to +5vdc to suit the Relays 5v coil. The 1N4148 diode is to protect the circuit that switches the Relay.
  • EME225 Bottom View
    This picture shows the bottom of the PC board and how the SMA connectors are soldered to the board for good RF grounding. Alternatively miniature coaxial cable can be soldered directly to the board.

EME225 Kit Tests:

  • EME225-S21-Through Loss
    S21 through loss to the normally connected contact terminated into 50ohms. Through loss is similar to the NO contact when the relay is energised.
  • EME225-S21-Relay-Isolation
    S21 relay isolation from the common to normally connected contacts.
  • EME225-Relay-S11-Return-Loss
    S11 return loss through the relay from the common to normally connected contact terminated into 50ohms.
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