Axicom HF3 53 SPDT High Frequency 3GHz 50ohm relay, suitable for switching RF up to 50Watts.  Excellent isolation of 50dB minimum and a 50ohm insertion loss of 0.25dB maximum @ 3GHz.  Ideal for use with Mitsubishi RF power modules.

Specifications HF353: Coil +5vdc 140mW, non polarized, non latching, 1 Form C, Contacts 2A @ 220vdc/250vac, RF power handling 50W @ 2.5GHz 50ohms.

Actual P# HF3 53 Package size, 14.6mm long x 7.2mm wide x 10mm high,  Please refer to the Data Sheet for more information.

HF353 Relay 5vdc 3GHz 50ohm

  • $15.35

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