• PGA-103 High Dynamic range MMIC Amplifier 0.05-4GHz

Mini-Circuits PGA-103 wide band E-PHEMT amplifiers have a broadband high dynamic range, and low noise figure. They have good matching to 50ohms over a wide bandwidth.

SOT-89 package, NF= 0.6dB, 16dB Gain, O/P 1dB comp +22.5dBm, O/P IP3 42dBm @ 1GHz

For more information see the Mini-Circuits PGA-103 Data Sheet  For use on lower frequencies please see the Mini-Circuits Technical Note AN-60-064

For quantities above the availability as showing in stock, can be supplied by in around 6 weeks POA

PGA-103 High Dynamic range MMIC Amplifier 0.05-4GHz

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