EME176 PA Module Kits

EME176 Module boards to suit the RA and M Series Mitsubishi RF power modules

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EME176 KIT Description:

Mini-Kits produce a number of RF Amplifier Kits using the EME176 PC board that are suitable for many of the older Mitsubishi M series, and the new RA series RF Power modules. There are are 4x RA Series Kits that all have the same parts, but the notes are more specific to the frequency range of modules from VHF low band up to 1200MHz.

Kit Constructors Alert:

1/ There are no current alerts for this Kit

Mitsubishi M1 suffix Modules:

Mitsubishi has released RA series modules with a M1 prefix that have a flat non stepped heatsink mounting and a metal cover. Please read Mitsubishi's service bulletin AN-GEN-042D and follow their procedures for mounting of these modules.

All Previous Kit Notes have been replaced in February 2010 with the following changes. Mini-Kits no longer recommends sanding the Mitsubishi HS2 packaged modules flat, and now only recommends following Mitsubishi's recommendations as per their application Note: AN-GEN-042D. If you have been supplied with Kit notes that recommends sanding the module, then please disregard this and do not modify or sand the module in any way. Please read Mitsubishi's service bulletin AN-GEN-042D and follow their procedure.

Mitsubishi Service Bulletins:

For the latest service bulletins and data sheets, please see the Mitsubishi Semiconductors website.

RA-xxx Series Kit Construction Notes:

The pictures below show the basic constructed module board without the module fitted. The Kit construction notes and overlay diagrams should be carefully followed when constructing. For larger pictures to check orientation of some components click the images below. Construction is quite straight forward although some care is required to use good RF practices when connecting coaxial cable to the board and connectors. A suitable fuse should always be fitted inline to protect the module incase it oscillates due normally to poor wiring practices. BUY THIS PRODUCT

EME176 Top View
The picture shows the basic constructed RA Series Kit without the module fitted on the latest Ver-2 board.
The picture shows how the two small ferrite beads go over the bias leads and how the module is aligned to the board

Mounting into a Hammond Die cast Enclosure:

Still to be done

Kit Changes and Repairs:

RA-xxx Series Kits

1/ There are no current changes to these Kits.