The EME166 Sequencer replaces the very popular EME66 Kit that has been produced for well over 10 years. The New version makes connection to other circuitry much easier due to a single 10 way header connector on the board. The Sequencer can be used to control Transverters with various component like antenna relays, power amplifier, or receive pre-amplifiers. It is also suitable for sequencing the switching of high power RF amplifiers with a transceiver. The circuitry incorporates both DC and RF sensed inputs that can be used to control the switching of the sequencer from RX to TX mode. The sequencer suits Transverters with either a single, or dual I/F connections. The circuitry uses a PIC micro-controller and MosFET switches, and has over voltage and current protection.

The Product image shows a fully constructed EME166 KIT  product.  Please refer to the Options Tab for the descriptions of the various products available.

Please Note: We no longer have the time to construct this Kit and offer it as a built product.

EME166 KIT is a basic Kit that includes the PC board, construction notes, and all on board components. No connectors or enclosure are included. Requires complete construction.

If you have a Transverter that has separate RX and TX IF connections, then you will require 3x SMA33 connectors.

For Advanced Constructors with some experience with soldering SMD components.

Frequency Range:
28MHz to 500MHz
Maximum RF Power Input:
+36dBm 4 Watts
TX Attenuation:
Adjustable -14 to -39dB @ 144MHz
Rx Attenuation: Adjustable -0.5 to -10.5dB @ 144MHz
Switched Inputs:
PTT ( +12v FT290R ), TX connection ( 0v IC202 ), and RF sensing
Switched Outputs:
Delay 1, RX +12v, all TX Outputs 0v, ( RX Power )

Delay 2, RX 0v, TX +12v ( antenna relay )

Delay 3, RX 0v, TX +12v ( power to TX power amplifier )

Delay 4, RX 0v, TX +12v ( TX exciter and driver stages )
Operating Voltage: +8 to 14vdc ( +12vdc @ 35mA RX mode, 90mA TX mode )
Board Size: 94mm L x 55mm W x 20mm H

For more information see the EME166 KIT WEBPAGE

Please refer to the 23cm Transverter Block Diagram on how this Kit is used.

Transverter-Amplifier Sequencer Kit

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SMA33 PCB Mount Wide 1.6mm

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