The Mini-Kits EME206 LM386N Audio Amplifier Kit is part of a building block to construct a high performance M1 Series HF Transceiver.  The module board has 3 audio inputs that can be switched using onboard SPDT switches, and a TLO71 preamplifier with an integrated low pass filter to reduce high frequency audio hiss.  The speaker amplifier is a LM386-N3, and can produce up to 700mW output into an 8ohm speaker. An onboard mute circuit can be used to mute the audio if the module is used in a Transceiver application, and there is an optional audio input for a sidetone oscillator for CW.

The module has been specifically designed as a building block for the Mini-Kits M1 Series HF Transceiver, but is also ideal to use as a general purpose audio amplifier module to construct you own Receiver design.

For more detailed information on how this module Kit can be used, Please refer to the EME206 Kit webpage.

This Kit is ideal for all constructors mainly due to the use of mainly conventional leaded components.  Only a very small number of surface mount components have been used due to component availability.  The basic Kit includes the PC board and all onboard components and header connectors.

For the highest performance and reliability, Only high quality first grade components from large suppliers in the USA, or direct from major manufacturers are used in this Kit.

EME206 KIT is the Basic Kit that only includes the PC board, Instructions, on board components, and header connectors. Requires complete construction, and soldering of some SMD components.

1 x IDC16S connector is recommended to use with inter wiring of the module board Kits.

PC boards are not available separately as this Kit uses a number of specialized components that are not easily obtainable

Kits Do Not include miscellaneous hardware, enclosure, or connectors.

Audio Input:
400mV p-p typically @ 1kHz
Voltage Gain:
Typically 22.5 ( 27dB ) @ 1kHz
Audio Output:
700mW maximum into 8 ohms
Audio Filter:
-6dB @ 2.5kHz, -12dB @ 5.5kHz
Total Distortion:
10% ( +12vdc, 8 ohm, Pout 700mW )
Operating Voltage: +10 to 15vdc ( +12vdc @ 120mA )
Board Size: 73mm L x 42mm W x 20mm H

M1 Series 500mW Audio Amplifier

  • Brand: Mini-Kits
  • Product Code: EME206-KIT
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IDC16S 8x2 DIL 2.54mm

IDC16S 8x2 DIL 2.54mm

Price $0.77 ea

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