• DDS Ver2.3 Software

DDS Ver2.3 Software is written to suit the PIC16F648A Micro-controller, and suits the EME170 PIC Controller Kit.  The software is also what is pre programmed and supplied with the complete AD9851 DDS VFO  and I/Q DDS Kits.

The DDS Ver2.3 software description can be found here   This Software is copyright to Mini-Kits and must not be re-distributed.

The Software Zip file contains the following files:  DD_SYNTH.asm,  DDS_9850.hex,  DDS_9851.hex,  README.txt,  VER_1.pdf,  VER_2.pdf, VER_3.pdf

This software can be Downloaded by logging into your account, but only after Mini-kits has processed your order as completed.

DDS Ver2.3 Software

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