• RD16HHF1 MosFET 16W 30MHz

Mitsubishi RD16HHF1 RF MosFET Small Signal N Ch 12.5v 16W 30MHz, Gain 16dB, TO-220S.  These MosFETs are suitable for both non linear FM, and Linear SSB type modes up to at least 50MHz.

For further information please see the Mitsubishi RD16HHF1 Data sheet

These are Genuine Mitsubishi manufactured in Japan.  Please Note that Mitsuibishi will discontinue this product early 2023

RD16HHF1 MosFET 16W 30MHz

  • Brand: Mitsubishi
  • Product Code: RD16HHF1
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Unick 10g Heatsink Compound

Unick 10g Heatsink Compound

Price $4.10 ea

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