The Mini-Kits EME234 HF Magnetic Loop Antenna module has been designed to be easy to install, and covers a usable wide frequency range from 0.5 to 60MHz. It is particularly useful for those that have antenna restrictions or limited space to install a full size HF receive antenna, or have very high man made noise levels. The magnetic loop is particularly effective at reducing power line and common mode type noise and being a figure 8 pattern with vertically polarized signals, can be rotated to further notch interference. The amplifier is based on the design by Chavdar Levkov LZ1AQ, and incorporates static and lightning protection, and has a broadband 50ohm output impedance suitable for driving most receivers. The amplifier is designed to be used with a 1 metre single turn loop, and a balanced low input impedance common base amplifier is used to match the input. Low cost RF Transistors are used as the active devices, which produce high output second and third order figures reducing the possibility of inter modulation on received signals. The design incorporates power supply decoupling so that power can be fed to the Active circuit via the coaxial cable.

The Product image shows a fully constructed EME234B-M Module product.  Please refer to the Options Tab for the descriptions of the various products available. It is recommended that the EME195 HF Bias Tee or EME215 HF RX Active Switch Kit is used to feed the power supply voltage up the coaxial cable to power the active antenna. For more detailed information on how this module Kit can be used, Please see the EME234 Kit webpage

EME234-KIT is the Basic Kit that only includes the PC board, Instructions, and on board components. Requires complete construction, does not include an Enclosure, Loop Antenna or coaxial cable.

EME234B-M is a fully constructed and aligned Module in a GME Masthead enclosure. Requires a Loop Antenna and coaxial cable.

For more information on the Loop Antenna  see the HF Active Loop Antenna web page.

RG6 Quad Coax Cable Assy ( Please select ( FP01 ) F Male 75 ohm one end and BNC Male and length required )

Bias Tee for Receiver Only Amplifier ( Select H ( 0.5 to 100MHz ) Version  ( Please select one connector as F Type Female FP09 and other )

Frequency Range:
1 to 50MHz @ 3dB
Gain: +19dB from 1 to 30MHz
1dB compression:
OpIP3: +39dBm
OpIP2: +110dBm
O/P Noise Power:
-113dB @ 10MHz
Output Return Loss:
> 10dB from 3 to 30MHz
Operating Voltage: +13 to 15vdc @ 150mA ( +13.8vdc Recommended )
Board Size: 83mm L x 65mm W x 20mm H

For more information see the EME234 KIT WEBPAGE

HF Magnetic Loop Antenna Module 1 to 50MHz

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Available Options


HF Active Receive Antenna Switch

HF Active Receive Antenna Switch

Price $79.95 ea

12vdc 500mA Linear Plugpack

12vdc 500mA Linear Plugpack

Price $14.50 ea

RG6 75ohm Quad Coax Cable Assy

RG6 75ohm Quad Coax Cable Assy

Price $0.00 ea

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