• EME236-ADC-20-4 Directional Coupler 5-1000MHz

Mini-Kits assembled 50ohm 20dB Directional Coupler Return Loss Bridge module with SMA connectors that is ideal for checking the return loss measurement and impedance matching of the input and output of amplifiers, filters, and antenna matching.  The module uses a Mini-circuits ADC-20-4 coupler that has a 5 to 1000MHz frequency range and has a >20dB directivity and 20dB coupling over the frequency range.  The performance of the assembled module is similar to the specifications of the ADC-20-4 data, but was found to work down to at least 500kHz which is not mentioned in the Mini-circuits data.

For more information please refer to the Mini-Circuits ADC-20-4 Data Sheet and the tests on the EME236-ADC-20-4 Webpage

Please Note: Built products usually need to be constructed and can take up to 2 weeks to ship depending on work load, but are normally shipped in few days.

EME236-ADC-20-4 Directional Coupler 5-1000MHz

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