EME214 LDMOS Amplifier

EME214 Description:

The EME214 PCB was designed to suit a low cost NXP AFT05MS004NT1 LDMOS Transistor to produce up to +36dBm @ 1dB output. The Transistor requires minimal input and output matching to 50ohms, and is suitable for linear modes including SSB, or non linear FM modes including amateur television. The amplifier will happily run from a +7 to +12vdc supply with only the bias needing adjustment to suit. The amplifier is built on low cost FR4 1mm PCB material, and uses vias for grounding and heat dissipation. Much of the amplifier construction is mechanical work, requiring taping of holes in a heatsink to mount the Amplifier board.

Currently there is only a 23CM version EME214-23CM.

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EME214-23CM Product Notes:

The EME214-23CM is designed to cover the entire 23cm band and produces up to +36dBm 4W output. The nominal gain is +12.5dBm so requires at least +25dBm drive for maximum output. Driving it with a GALI-84 Amplifier, the maximum output is around +34dBm 2.5W. For most applications using a tuned antenna, no low pass filter should be required as the output stage has high rejection at the second harmonic. BUY THIS PRODUCT

  • EME214-23CM PCB Top View
    The picture shows the EME214-23CM 3W Amplifier module with optional SMA connectors.
  • EME214-23CM Side View
    This picture shows the EME214-23CM Amplifier mounted on the optional 40x40x20mm Heatsink.
  • EME214-23CM Fan Mounting
    The picture shows the 40x40mm Fan mounted on the heatsink.
  • EME214-23cm S21 Gain
    EME214 Amplifier gain showing the frequency response to 3GHz
  • EME214-23CM Harmonic Output
    This plot shows the EME214 Harmonic output when driven to +34.5dBm output.
  • EME214-23CM-Input-S11
    This plot shows the S11 input return loss of the Amplifier
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