EME177-R2 Crystal Heater Kit

EME177 Description:

The EME177 Crystal Heater has been specifically designed to suit the EME175 Oscillator Kit, to help stabilize frequency drift due to temperature.  It can also be used on many other products that have a frequency reference crystal including Radio Transceivers, Receivers and other oscillators that use crystals.  This Kit is also suitable for portable battery operation, and can be set for a temperature between +30 @ +75 degrees C.

Kit Constructors Alert:

There are no current alerts.

EME177-R2 Construction Notes:

The construction is quite straight forward and many of the components are easily fitted with tweezers. BUY THIS PRODUCT

  • EME177 Heater Top View
    The picture shows a completed EME177-R2 board.
  • EME177 Heater Bottom View
    This picture shows how the Regulator and TC1047 is soldered to the board.
Changes and Updates:

1/ The original version 1 board was updated to a EME177-Rev2 in late 2017 and has minimal changes due to the trimpot being obsolete and better power supply stability for the TC1047 sensor.