EME139 2.4GHz Multiplier Kit

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EME139 Description:

The EME139 was originally known as the WA19, and the original PCB design was done by Dallas VK5WA to suit a 2.4GHz Phase 3D receive converter Kit. The EME139 Board can be used for various applications from around 2200 up to 2500MHz. The board can easily be cut by 2mm along either side with a bench grinder to raise the filters frequency to 2400MHz. All the test results below were very consistent between prototype boards with no tuning required to peak output power. Some improvements can probably be made around the ERA3 Multiplier stage to improve efficiency, and achieve more output power, but this may only get you a dB or two better output.

For a complete description of the Kit before it was discontinued please download the Complete EME139 KIT Notes

Kit Construction Notes:

  • EME139 Multiplier Top View
    The Image shows a completed Kit with tinplate fitted around the board.  This is required to ground the ends of the half wave striplines for the filter to work.
  • EME139 Multiplier Bottom View
    The Image shows how soldered the tinplate is  around the PC board.
  • EME139 9v Regulator
    The Image shows how the +9vdc 7809T regulator and electrolytic capacitors are fitted to the tinplate.
  • EME139 dual filter boards
    The Image shows the two filter board ready to be soldered together. The blue wire is for connection of the +9vdc
  • EME139 9v Regulator
    Connecting the two multiplier boards together with PCB pins
  • EME139 completed module
    The completed two section multiplier
EME139 Tests:

  • EME139 Frequency Response
    The plot above shows the response of the EME139 Multiplier using a 564MHz +3dBm input signal. The standard board without cutting is already ideal for 2256MHz.
  • EME139 Output Spectrum
    The plot above shows the output spectrum using a 564MHz +3dBm input signal.
Changes and Updates:

1/ This applies to all Kits. A 7809T regulator was added to all Kits after January 2008. The bias resistors to suit the ERA amplifiers were changed to suit.