The complete high performance 472 to 479kHz ( 630m Band ) Transverter Kit makes it very easy to get onto the 630m band especially with weak signal digital modes, but being linear it will work with all modes including SSB if it is allowed in your country. Construction takes around 6 hours to fully built and test. The Transverter is designed as a transmit down, and a receive up converter, with a fixed frequency range of 472 to 479kHz, and produces up to 5 Watts of linear output when used with a suitable low power < 5 Watt Yaesu FT817 or similar 3.6MHz 80M Band Transceiver.  The design incorporates a 500kHz low pass filter that is used on the receiver for broadcast band rejection, and on transmit as a low pass filter to effectively reject the second and 3rd harmonics. There is further filtering in both the RX and TX paths using a tuned 472 to 479kHz band pass filter to effectively remove remaining out of band signals.   The design incorporates a RF sensing circuit for automatic switching from RX to TX mode.


The Product image shows a fully constructed Kit product with optional SMA connectors.  Please refer to the Options Tab for the descriptions of the various products available.

EME223-630M KIT is a basic Kit that includes the PC board, construction notes, all on board components, and a 2.1mm DC power cable. No RF connectors or enclosure is included. All SMD Components are already soldered to the board.

Frequency Range:
472kHz to 479kHz ( 630m Band )
Local Oscillator:
3.2MHz ( 474kHz translates to 3.674MHz IF )
Typically +/-1Hz over 2 minutes ( OK for WSPR )
RX Gain:
0dB +/- 2dB
RX Noise Figure:
Typically < 5dB ( DXT2222A )
TX IF Drive: Up to 5 Watts +36dBm @ 3.6MHz
TX IF Gain: 0dB Minimum @ 3.6MHz input for +37dBm Output @ 475kHz
TX RF Output:
+37dBm ( 5 Watts ) with 5 Watts +37dBm input @ 3.6MHz
TX Spurious Outputs:
<50dBc Refer to the Kit webpage

Operating Voltage: +10 to +15vdc @ 130mA RX Stages, <1.5A TX Stages
Board Size: 107mm L x 73mm W x 25mm H

For more information see the EME223 KIT WEBPAGE

630m Band 472 to 479kHz Transverter

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