The EME193 PLL uses the ultra low noise LMX2541 PLLatinum frequency synthesizer from Texas Instruments. There are 6 different chip devices available that can be selected to cover most frequencies in a 31.6 to 4000MHz frequency range.  Refer to the LMX2541 Data Sheet on page 3 for the frequency ranges of the various devices available.   As with all PLL designs the phase noise is higher compared to using crystal locked oscillators, but the trade off is that it can be more easily locked to a reference clock for high stability. The design incorporates an Optional low phase noise Connor Winfield 10MHz Temperature Controlled Crystal Oscillator ( TCXO ) reference, and an external frequency source or GPS reference can also be used for higher accuracy.  An on board PIC Micro-controller is used to control the frequency and setting of the LMX2541 which is programmed using the G4JNT software that Mini-Kits has purchased the rights to use.  The Micro-controller is capable of being programmed for two different frequencies switchable by an on board link.  The standard PIC supplied is for the LMX2541-3320E and has 1152 and 576MHz frequencies programmed.

The Basic Kit does not include the LMX2541 or an on board 10MHz Reference which has to be purchased as Accessories

Please Note: Built products usually need to be constructed and can take up to 2 weeks to ship depending on work load, but are normally shipped in few days.


The Product image shows a fully constructed PCB Module.  Please refer to the Options Tab for the descriptions of the various products available.

EME193-PLL KIT is a basic Kit that includes the PC board, construction notes, and Basic on board components. This Kit does not include the 10MHz TCXO, LMX2541, connectors or enclosure. Requires complete construction and soldering of small SMD components.

EME193-PLL KITS Is the same as the EME193-PLL KIT but has the LMX2541 Chip pre-soldered to the board.

EME193-PLL-MOD is a fully constructed module board with SMA connectors. Must be purchased with a LMX2541 so that it can be tested. Does not include the DV75C 10MHz TCXO

EME193-PLL-1455C is a fully constructed product in a Hammond 1455C with a USB programming cable, and 2.1mm DC cable.  Must be purchased with a LMX2541 so that it can be tested. Does not include the DV75C 10MHz TCXO


Basic Kits Do Not include the DV75C 10MHz TCXO, LMX2541, connectors, miscellaneous hardware or enclosure. This product requires a USB to serial adapter available from Mini-Kits.  This Kit is for very advanced constructors only as it uses a very high number of small SMD components.  Mini-Kits can supply the PIC micro-controller programmed to two frequencies, e.g. for a LMX2541-3320E 1152MHz and 576MHz.  If you want to program your own frequencies then you will require a USB to serial FT232 adapter.

Frequency Range:
13.6 to 4000MHz ( Depends on LMX Chip Used )
Reference Frequency:
Optional On board 10MHz TCXO, ( Or +10dBm EXT Ref )
Noise and Spurs:
Depends on PLL Ref Freq and loop filter
RF Output:
+13dBm maximum programmed in software
G4JNT LMX2541_Prog.exe
Operating Voltage: +10 to +15vdc max ( +12vdc @ 200mA )
Board Size: 76mm L x 50.5mm W x 16mm H

For more information see the EME193 KIT WEBPAGE

LMX2541 PLL Synthesizer

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