PIC universal programming adapter board to suit the PICKit™ 2 or 3, and other PIC compatible programmers using a 6 pin header connector.

The adapter can be configured for 18, 28 and 40 pin DIP package PIC controllers including most 12Fxx, 16Fxx, and 18Fxx types.  The adapter will not work with 10Fxx, 16F59 and 16F57 types.

There is currently no documentation available on how to configure the adapter links for the various PIC types, which is typical of Chinese manufacturers.  The bottom of the board has some indication but the manufacturer forgot to mark the top sinkscreen showing the positions for the J2 to J7 links.  We have added a picture on this page showing the pin layout and give an example of the link positions for a PIC12F675.

This Product is available in higher quantities than stocked in around 4 weeks POA.

PIC Programmer Adaptor

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