• RG142 50ohm 4.95mm OD Flexible Coaxial Cable Per Foot

High Quality RG142 50ohm double shielded coaxial cable suitable for interconnection of HF to microwave equipment. Suitable for use with RG58 / 195 type connectors, or soldering directly to PC boards.   Ideal for VHF and UHF antenna balun construction,

Specifications:  Maximum frequency 12.4GHz, VF= 0.695, attenuation 0.153dB per foot @ 1GHz, Capacitance 30pF per foot, max voltage 1.9kV,  Inner single core silver plated single strand 0.94mm diameter, PTFE inner insulator 2.95mm o.d. with a 3.96mm o.d. silver plated double braid, 4.95mm OD dia Tan brown coloured FEP Jacket.

For more information see the currently stocked brands Data Sheet

This Product price is per 1 Foot ( 30.5cm ) length.   If you order a longer length, then it will be supplied as a continuous length.

For quantities higher than showing in stock, we can generally supply in around 1 to 2 weeks POA.

RG142 50ohm 4.95mm OD Flexible Coaxial Cable Per Foot

  • Brand: Multicomp Pro
  • Product Code: RG142 Per Foot
  • Quantity In stock: 328
  • $3.95

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