• Cable DC 2 way 14AWG 15A

High Quality 14AWG Twisted Pair DC power cable rated at 15A to 300vdc.  Ideal for use as a low voltage low loss high current DC cable for installation in buildings and for garden lighting.  The black outer sheath gives extra protection from water, and to the two inner  cables.

Specifications: Outer black jacket 8mm diameter x 1mm thick,  Red and black outer insulation 3mm diameter, wire 48 strands x 0.2mm ( 14AWG )

Price is per metre length.

We can generally supply this product in a higher quantity or full 100M reels in around 3 days

Cable DC 2 way 14AWG 15A

  • Brand: Prolink
  • Product Code: CAB-DC-2W-15A
  • Quantity In stock: 121
  • $2.20

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