• SF2173E 2350MHz SAW Filter 100MHz BW

Murata SF2173E 2350MHz SAW filter, 100MHz minimum bandwidth @ 3dB, 50ohm. These filters are ideal to construct receive converters or Transverters for the 13cm 2300 to 2400MHz band.  Provides high rejection when used with a 144MHz IF.

Size 3mm L x 3mm W x 1.25mm H.  Please refer to the Murata SF2173E Data Sheet for further information

Similar to Taisaw TA581A

Price is for 1pcs.  We can supply these in high quantity in around 1 Week POA

SF2173E 2350MHz SAW Filter 100MHz BW

  • Brand: Murata
  • Product Code: SF2173E
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