• SMD Tantalum Capacitors

SMD Solid Tantalum Capacitors suitable for general applications including decoupling and filtering of power supplies, and audio applications.  Brand names stocked are Kemet and AVX.

Refer to component list for specifications for voltage temperature and size.  For more information see the Kemet SMT Data Sheets

We can generally supply these in higher quantities and other values in quantity in around 2 weeks POA

SMT Tantalum Case Sizes
SMT Case A: ( 3216 ) Length=3.2mm Width=1.6mm Height=1.6mm
SMT Case B: ( 3528 ) Length=3.5mm Width=2.8mm Height=1.9mm
SMT Case C: ( 6032 ) Length=6mm Width=3.2mm Height=2.5mm
SMT Case D: ( 7343 ) Length=7.3mm Width=4.3mm Height=2.8mm

SMD Tantalum Capacitors

  • Brand: Kemet
  • Product Code: TANT-Series
  • Quantity In stock: 1000
  • $0.00

  • Discount Pricing

  • 25 pcs or more 10%
  • 100 pcs or more 20%

Available Options

Capacitor SMD TANT ( Price is for 1pcs ) Stock Price Qty
4.7SMT25 4.7uF 25v 125deg, Case C 87 $0.50
10SMT25 10uF 25v 85deg, Case C 262 $0.77
47SMT16 47uF 16v 105deg, Case C 58 $0.70
100SMT10 100uF 10v 125deg, Low ESR Case C 90 $1.30

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