• FT240-31 Ferrite Toroid ui=1500

Fair-Rite 5931003801 Ferrite Toroid, 31 material, for wideband transformers up to 300MHz and EMI suppression from 1 to 500MHz. These are ideal for use as noise or common mode suppressors on cables to reduce interference on the HF bands, or constructing baluns. permeability ui=1500. 

Size: Diameter 61mm, Height 12.7mm Hole Size 35.55mm, color Grey, MZn Ferrite

For more information see the Fair-Rite PN# 2631803802 Data Sheet

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FT240-31 Ferrite Toroid ui=1500

  • Brand: Fair-Rite
  • Product Code: FT240-31
  • Quantity In stock: 40
  • $12.30

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