Eccosorb® LS26-SS3 carbon loaded urethane sheet suitable for reducing currents around RF circuits, or reflectivity inside enclosures. This product is ideal for lowering cavity Q in RF amplifier enclosures including LNA's for stability, and provides enough attenuation in most applications down to 1GHz. 

Specifications: P# LS26-SS3, Thickness 0.125",  Attenuation 3GHz =16dB, 10GHz = 34dB.  For more information see the Laird Eccosorb® LS Data Sheet

This is supplied as a 2x3" ( 51x76mm ) size sheet and has an adhesive backing for easy application.
This product is generally available in higher quantity than stocked in around 2 weeks POA

ECCOSORB® LS-26-SS3 2X3" Sheet

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