The Omron G2RL-1-E-DC12 Relay Kit is suitable for switching RF from DC to at least 350MHz, and has a low loss and better than 15dB return loss to 450MHz. Due to the contact rating of the relay, it should easily handle up to 400 Watts on the VHF, and 1KW on the HF bands. The relay is ideal for antenna switching, but the isolation between the contacts should be taken into account when it is used to switch low noise receive pre-amplifiers. Relay isolation can be improved for a particular frequency band, by fitting an SMD inductor across the NO or NC contacts on the bottom of the board. The board has a control input that is used to switch the relay on by applying a >5 to 14vdc to the CTL pin. Tests on this product can be found of the EME259 Kit webpage. 

The Relay coil voltage is +12vdc

The Product image shows a fully constructed Kit product.  Please refer to the Options Tab for the descriptions of the various products available.

EME259 KIT is a Basic Kit that includes the PC board, G2RL-1-E-DC12 +12v Relay, and minor on board components. 

SMA Connectors are optional and not supplied in the Kit.

Requires construction and soldering of some components.  For low experienced constructors.
Insertion Loss:
0.01dB @ 10MHz, 0.05dB @ 30MHz, 0.09dB @ 50MHz, 0.27dB @ 150MHz, 0.95dB @ 450MHz
Return Loss:
35dB @ 10MHz, 37dB @ 30MHz, 30dB @ 50MHz, 19.25dB @ 150MHz, 12dB @ 450MHz
Isolation between ports:
46dB @ 10MHz, 37dB @ 30MHz, 34dB @ 50MHz, 27.5dB @ 150MHz, 18dB @ 450MHz
Contact Rating:
16A @ 250VAC, 16A @ 24 VDC
Board Size: 45mm L x 34mm W x 20mm H
Power Supply: +7 to 14vdc maximum ( +12vdc @ 40mA )
Control Input: +5 to 14vdc ( Logic High ) on the CTL pin

For more information see the EME259 KIT WEBPAGE

DC-350MHz G2RL-1-E +12v High Capacity Relay Kit

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