Temperature controlled 1 channel 12v Relay module that is ideal for controlling fans for cooling. 

Module size, 48L x40W x14H mm. Relay voltage +12vdc For more information see the W1209 Manual

Temperature Control Range:
-50 to 110 degrees C
Measurement Accuracy: 0.1 degrees C
Control Accuracy: 0.1 degrees C
Display Resolution:
1 degrees C
+12vdc Relay 20 Amps @ 14vdc / 125vac
NTC 10kohm Thermistor on a 30cm lead.
PC Board Size: 48mm L x 40mm W x 14mm H
Power Consumption: <25mA +12vdc Supply, ( <65mA with the relay energized )

Temperature Controlled 1 Channel 12v Relay Module

  • Brand: Generic
  • Product Code: RELAY-1-12V-TEMP
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  • $6.60

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