•  SMD Clad Capacitors

SMD Clad RF Capacitors suitable for RF signal paths and bypassing where low loss is required.

Low values to 10pF have PTFE insulation and higher values are Mica. These capacitors have a very low ESR, and a voltage rating up to 500vdc.

Approximate size 10x11x2.8mm, Refer to component list for specifications for size and voltage rating.

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SMD Clad Capacitors

  • Brand: CDE
  • Product Code: SMD Clad-Series
  • Quantity In stock: 11
  • $4.80

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Available Options

Capacitor Mica SMD ( Price is for 1pcs ) Stock Price Qty
CAP/MCM10 ( 10pF +/- 0.5pF 500v ) 8 $4.80
CAP/MCM15 ( 15pF +/- 5% 500v ) 3 $4.80

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