The Mini-Kits EME231 Kit is a simple 4 channel PLL that has been designed around the SP5055 PLL IC which is popular in Satellite and TV tuners. The SP5055 allows for operation between 100MHz and 2.8GHz, and is ideal for wide band FM ATV transmitters or receivers.  The Kit has been designed to be used with the EME153 and EME154 FM Video Transmitter Kits, but can be used with other VCO designs for ATV.  The board has an attenuator splitter to sample the RF frequency, and a buffer amplifier for up to +10dBm output.

There are two frequency range options 1100-1300MHz and 2300-2500MHz that the PIC 12F629 Micro-controller can be programmed for with 4 fixed channels which are selectable with links on the board.  The standard frequencies for the PLL_TX12 software are 1250MHz, 1283MHz, 1207.5MHz, and 1219.5MHz.  For a complete solution this Kit can be used with the EME161B controller which can be programmed to suit the complete frequency range of 100MHz to 2.6GHz of the SP5055.  For custom frequencies Please email so that they can be pre-programmed into the PIC12F619 Micro-controller.

The Product image shows a fully constructed Kit product.  Please refer to the Options Tab for the descriptions of the various products available.

Please Note: Built products usually need to be constructed and can take up to 2 weeks to ship depending on work load, but are normally shipped in few days.

EME231-KIT is the basic kit that includes the PC board, Instructions, all on board components, and headers. Requires complete construction and soldering of some SMD components.

EME231B-M is a fully built and tested module board which includes SMA female connectors.

Kits and built and tested board products include a pre-programmed microcontroller, but Do Not include miscellaneous hardware or an enclosure. SMA connectors are only supplied with the KITB built product.

Frequency Range:
100MHz to 2.8GHz ( Set in software )
4x Pre-programmed Channels:
Frequencies to be supplied by the customer
Reference Frequency:
Frequency Steps:
100kHz, 200kHz, 400kHz, 800kHz, 1MHz, ( 3.2MHz Crystal )
RF Input:
+8dBm ( 6mW ) Typically ( -15dBm minimum )
RF Output: +10dBm ( 10mW )
Operating Voltage: +5vdc ( +7-15vdc Recommended )
Board Size: 49mm L x 65mm W x 20mm H

For more information see the EME231 KIT WEBPAGE

Please refer to the 1.2GHz ATV Block Diagram and 2.4GHz ATV Block Diagrams on how this Kit is used

The PLL_TX12.ASM Ver 1.0 software is available by email to suit a PIC12F629 Micro-controller.

The PLL_TX24.ASM Ver 1.0 software is available by email to suit a PIC12F629 Micro-controller.

SP5055 Wideband Phase Lock Loop

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