• 75MHz Lowpass Filter For 4M Band

75MHz 7th order Chebychev Low Pass filter designed to to suit our Mitsubishi Module Kits, but can also be used with other Amplifiers. The filter has been specifically designed to suit the RA30H0608M module for the 70MHz 4M band.  The Mitsubishi RA30H0608M modules require the use of a suitable Low Pass Filter to reduce the -25dBc second harmonic to a suitable level that complies with current ACMA and FCC rules of at least -50dBc. The Chebychev filter has been designed for low ripple,and uses low loss RF capacitors,high Q inductors to reduce RF losses. It will easily handle 100W carrier, and has at least -45db loss at the second harmonic of around 144MHz.

For more information see the Refer to the Test Data

The Product image shows a fully constructed Kit product.  Please refer to the Options Tab for the descriptions of the various products available.

LPF7-75M KIT is the Basic Kit that includes the PC board, Instructions, and all on board components. Requires complete construction and soldering of some SMD components.

LPF7-75M PCB is the PC board and Kit construction notes only.

SMA33 Female SMA connector to suit 1.6mm PC boards only.

Kits Do Not include connectors, miscellaneous hardware, or enclosure.

Refer to the Test Data
Low Pass Filter:
75MHz, 4M band 7th order Chebychev
Frequency Response:
Refer to the Test Data
2nd Harmonic Rejection:
Better than -45dBc @ 140MHz
Insertion Loss:
< 0.4dB
Return Loss:
> 15dB
Input Power:
100 Watts Maximum
Board Size: 55mm L x 33mm W x 15mm H

75MHz Lowpass Filter For 4M Band

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SMA33 PCB Mount Wide 1.6mm

SMA33 PCB Mount Wide 1.6mm

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EME183 PC board

EME183 PC board

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