• ATC Porcelian RF Ceramic Capacitors

AQ12 0505 Series Low ESR Ceramc Capacitors suitable for RF signal paths and bypassing in microwave equipment.  Most are rated at 150vdc and are suitable for at least 200 watts, and can be used in amplifiers and filters.  

Size 0505, 1.4mm W x 1.4mm L x 1.45mm H

Size 1210, 2.79 W x 2.79 L x 2.54 H

Refer to component list for specifications for tolerance and voltage rating

ATC Porcelian RF Ceramic Capacitors

  • Brand: AVX
  • Product Code: ATC Porcelain
  • Quantity In stock: 50
  • $3.00

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ATC Porcelain Series ( Price is for 1pcs ) Stock Price Qty
ATC1.0 / 0505 ( 1.0pF +/-0.1pF Low ESR 150v ) 8 $3.00

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