RA-UHF Amplifier Kit

RA-UHF Amplifier Kit
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RA30H4047M1 RF Module RA30H4047M1 RF Module $44.50 Qty:
RA30H4552M1 RF Module RA30H4552M1 RF Module $39.95 Qty:
RA60H4047M1 RF Module RA60H4047M1 RF Module $75.00 Qty:
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The RA-UHF Mitsubishi amplifier Kit is suitable for most RA series modules up to 60W that use either the HS2 or H2M package. The construction notes supplied are specifically written to suit the specifications of the RA30H4047M1 30 Watt module. Mini-Kits currently stock the M1 suffix modules that have a metal cover & produce a second harmonic level of -35dBc. The Kit is suitable for both linear SSB, AM & non linear FM modes.

This Kit is also suitable for the 60 Watt RA60H4047M1, & similar frequency range modules. 

The complete Kit includes all onboard components, double sided through hole plated PC board & comprehensive construction notes. The Kit requires a heat sink, connectors, & miscellaneous hardware to complete.

The 2nd Harmonic from both the 30 & 60W M1 suffix modules are around -35dBc, so you may require a suitable Low Pass Filter like the Mini-Kits LPF7-450M KIT to comply with local country regulations.

Please Note: For most applications using FM, You will require a large Heat sink with at least a rating of 0.67 degrees C per watt. Mini-Kits suggests the use of a fan asisted Pentium P4 heatsink that can be readily found in surplus computer shops. 


  • Frequency Range: 300 to 500MHz
  • Output Power: RA30H4047M1 +45dBm @ 1dB comp ( 30 Watts )
  • Gain ( Typically 27.5dB gain @ 145MHz )
  • Gain Bandwidth: 400 to 470MHz @ 3dB
  • Power Input: +12.5vdc @ 10A minimum ( +16vdc maximum )
  • PC Board Size: 70 x 33mm

RA-VHF KIT1 is the Basic Kit that includes the PC board, Instructions, & all onboard components.  No Mitsubishi module, enclosure or connectors are included.

RA-VHF PCB Incudes Only the PC board & Kit construction notes. No onboard Components or Mitsubishi module is included.

Modules are purchased separately


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