• FT140-N87 MnZn ferrite Toroid ui=2200
TDK / Epcos B64290L0674X087 Ferrite Toroid, MnZn N87 material frequency range 25 to 500kHz, for wide band transformers and noise attenuation 0.5 to 50MHz, These are ideal for use as noise or common mode suppressors on cables to reduce interference from low frequency switching supplies. ui=2200.

Similar to Fair-rite 78 material ui=2300.  Can be used in most cases to replace Amidon 77 material FT140-77 PN# 5977002701 Size: Diameter 36mm, Height 15mm Hole Size 23mm, color Blue.

For more information see the TDK N87 Material Data Sheet and the TDK Ferrites and Accessories Application Notes

FT140-N87 MnZn ferrite Toroid ui=2200

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