Clip on PTC Thermistor heater to suit 60 degree C HC-49 / QC-49 Crystals  to stabilize frequency.  Maximum operating voltage is +25vdc and can be used on a +8 to 14vdc supply for a measured temperature stability of +60 +/- 3 degrees C.  These should only be used on crystals that have a maximum temperature rating of 60 degrees C or higher, and are ideal to use on the Mini-Kits brand 60 degree crystals that are used for Microwave Transverters.

Specifications:  Actual Amphenol® Part # RL3006-50-60-25-PTO, +12vdc @ 20mA for 60 degrees C, Tolerance 30%, resistance 50ohms @ 25 degrees C, Size ( 8.9mm diameter x 2.5mm thick )

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