High Quality cable assemblies using Johnsa RG6 Quad 75ohm coaxial cable with customer selected connector options. This is a complete cable assembly with two crimped connectors that are heat-shrink covered to waterproof and increase the strength of the connector to cable connection. This is High Quality manufactured cable suitable for interconnection of HF to SHF equipment, and is quad shielded 7.2mm diameter with a foam inner and quad shielding consisting of two foils, and two braids, solid copper centre core. The braid in non solderable, and special RG6 Quad crimp or compression connectors are used on this cable. Ideal for Amateur Radio use due to the low loss up to UHF

Specifications: CRG6UBQ 7.54mm OD dia, attenuation 0.1dB per metre @ 200MHz, 0.15dB @ 450MHz, 0.22dB @ 1GHz.  For further information please see the Jonsa CRG6UBQ Data Sheet

High Quality Jonsa® CRG6UBQ, Foxtel approved for interconnection of Television and Satellite installations.

RG6Q cable Price is per metre length. Connectors prices include a fitting charge of $7.70 AUD per connector including heat-shrinking.

Please select the required length and connector Options for each end of the cable.