High Quality 360PPR dual output 2 phase A/B Optical Rotary Encoder with aluminium alloy casing, approximately 38mm diameter x 34mm deep, 6mm diameter shaft.  These are ideal for using as a tuning encoder with a micro-controller for Transceiver and Receiver projects.

Actual Part# LPD3806-360BM-05-24C, 4 wire connection Green phase A, White Phase B, Red +5-24vdc, Black 0v

We can generally supply this product in a higher quantity than stocked in around 3 weeks POA

Pulses Per Revolution:
A/B 90 degree phase shifted square wave outputs, ( NPN open collector )
Operating Voltage:
+5 to 24vbdc ( recommend +15vdc maximum )
Maximum Rotational Speed:
5000 RPM
Shaft Size:
6mm diameter x 13mm long
Overall Size: 38mm diameter x 35.5mm deep
Cable Length: 1.5 metres long