This RA-SHF Kit is suitable for use with the RA18H1213G Mitsubishi RA series module to produce up to 18 Watts output on the 23cm 1240 to 1300MHz band.  The construction notes supplied are specifically written to suit the specifications of the RA18H1213G 18 Watt module. Mini-Kits currently stock the M suffix modules that have a plastic cover and produce a second harmonic level of -25dBc. The Kit is suitable for both linear SSB, AM and non linear FM modes.  The 2nd Harmonic from the plastic cased G suffix modules are around -35dBc, so you may require a suitable Low Pass Filter to comply with local country regulations.

Please Note: For most applications using FM, You will require a large Heat sink with at least a rating of 0.67 degrees C per watt. Mini-Kits suggests the use of a fan assisted Pentium P4 heat-sink that can be readily found in surplus computer shops. 

The Product image shows a fully constructed Module board without the an optional Mitsubishi module.  Please refer to the Options Tab for the descriptions of the various products available.