Fair-Rite 0475181651 Ferrite Clamp On bead, 75 material, suitable for clamping over cables up to 4.9mm diameter for RF suppression between 0.5 and 20MHz.  These are very effective at suppressing common mode noise If the cable to be suppressed can be wound through the core a number of times.  Also ideal for use on power cables to suppress noise birdies in the Low HF bands from computer display monitors and switching powersupplies.

Fair-rite PN# 0475181651,  23mm L x 13mm W, 12mm H, ( inside diameter 4.9mm ) For more information see the Fair-rite 0475181651 Data Sheet

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FC75-181651 Clamp On EMI Ferrite 4.9mm Cable 75 Material ui=5000

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