EME141 RF Power Amplifier Kits

Completed EME141-3400 Kit

Completed EME141-3400 Amplifier Kit

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The EME141 Series Kits produce usable Linear RF output power between 1 and 2 Watts on the 3.4 and 5.8GHz bands. The design is built around the Transcom Inc MMIC devices which are internally matched and produce useful output power and gain for their size. The design incorporates a high efficiency switching power supply making it very suitable for battery operation. These Kits are particularly suited to being used with Transverters, FM ATV transmitters, and surveillance devices.

Full size EME141 Amplifier


The above picture shows the EME141-3400 prototype Kit. The heat sink shown in the picture is no longer available, and it is now suggested to mount the amplifier PC board onto an aluminium plate which can then either be mounted inside an enclosure, and then the enclosure can be bolted to a suitable heats ink.

EME141-3400 Tests:

EME141-3400 Gain and Output


EME141-5800 Tests:

EME141-5800 Gain and Output


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EME141- 3400 KIT

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EME141- 5800 KIT

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