• 7GHz Power Head Kit

The 300MHz to 7GHz RF Power Head Kit uses the LTC5508 Logarithmic amplifier, and can either be used in conjunction with the Mini-Kits DDS VFO KIT using the optional SWEEP software, or be used with a DC voltmeter for simple RF Power measurements.  An on board PIC micro-controller calibrated with SWEEP software is used to convert the analogue DC volts from the LTC5508 to I2C data and clock which is available on the header connector.  For more information on the RF Power Head and SWEEP software see the EME151 RF Power Head Webpage.

The Product image shows a fully constructed EME151-7G KITB  product.  Please refer to the Options Tab for the descriptions of the various products available.

Please Note: There is a minimum 2 working day delay to construct built products before they are shipped.

EME151-7G KIT is a basic Kit that includes the PC board, construction notes, and all on board components. No connectors or enclosure are included. Requires complete construction and soldering of small SMD components.

EME151-7G KITB is a fully constructed and tested board with a female SMA39 connector.

EME151-7G PCB Only includes the PC board and Kit construction notes. No on board Components are included.

Hammond 1590A enclosure is ideal to mount the RF Power Head.  Use the SMA39 connector that has a nut and washer for easy mounting into the enclosure.

Please note the supplied PIC micro-controller has a standard calibration pre-programmed.  More accurate calibration is done through a setup menu when using the DDS-VFO Kit using SWEEP software.

Kits and built products Do Not include miscellaneous hardware, or an enclosure. For advanced constructors due to the small SMD components.
Frequency Range:
300MHz to 7GHz ( LTC5508 )
Dynamic Range:
-32 to +12dBm ( 44dB +/-3dB LTC5508 )
Output Linearity:
Not linear
Resolution: 0.25dB minimum ( PIC16F675 A-D 1024 )
Maximum Input:
+12.5dBm ( +12dBm recommended )
Operating Voltage: +7 to 14vdc ( +12vdc @ 15mA Recommended )
Board Size: 60mm L x 22mm W x 12mm H

For more information see the EME151 KIT WEBPAGE


Please refer to the DDS-VFO Block Diagram on how this Kit is used

Hammond 1590A Enclosure Data Sheet  

7GHz Power Head Kit

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Hammond 1590A Enclosure

Hammond 1590A Enclosure

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