• 9cm 3.4GHz 2W Amplifier Kit

This modern High Performance 3.4GHz 2Watt Power Amplifier uses the TC3341 PHEMT MMIC, and  is matched internally for a gain of 27dB and a saturated output power of more than +33dBm. The PA is suitable for linear and non linear modes, including SSB and FM Television. The design uses a 500kHz switching power supply to provide high efficiency over a +9 to +14 volt DC input range. The PA uses a ceramic based PC board and incorporates bias protection circuitry to protect the amplifier.  Please Note:  This PA cannot be used for Wireless LaN or ( WiFi ) as it is not Bi-Directional.

As per the current ACMA regulations in Australia, this product cannot be used for unlicensed use including video senders, video surveillance or any other LIPD device without a license. 

The Product image shows a fully constructed Kit product with an optional module.  Please refer to the Options Tab for the descriptions of the various products available.

EME141-3400 KIT is the Basic Kit that includes the PC board, Instructions, and all on board components.  Requires complete construction, and soldering of very tiny SMD components.

EME141-3400 PCB Only includes the PC board and Kit construction notes.

Labour is extra to solder the TC3431 chip to the board.

Please Note: For most applications using FM, You will require a Heat sink with at rating of at least 4.5 degrees C per watt.  No Tuning is Required, but either a power meter or Spectrum Analyzer would be useful to check the output power.

Kits Do Not include connectors, miscellaneous hardware, or heat-sink This Kit is for Very Advanced constructors Only, and requires experience in surface mount soldering, along with metal working tools to complete successfully.

Frequency Range:
3.3 to 3.7GHz @ 1dB
Gain: 27dB minimum
RF Input:
3.2mW ( +5dBm ) for 1.6 Watt ( +32dBm ) Output
RF Output:
1.8 Watts ( +32.5dBm @ 1dB compression )
OpIP3: +42dBm
Operating Voltage: +9 to 14vdc ( +12vdc @ 470mA ) 500kHz switching supply
Board Size: 47.5mm L x 37mm W x 10mm H ( without Heat-sink )

9cm 3.4GHz 2W Amplifier Kit

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