This Frequency Converter has been designed as a transmit up, and receive down converter, with a tunable 35MHz bandwidth frequency range between 2700 and 4500MHz.  The receive converter uses a low noise MGA86563 RF amplifier, GALI-39 and  Mini-Circuits MCA1-85 +7dBm mixer.  The converter is ideal for the 3400 to 3500MHz band as a building block, to construct a complete 13cm Transverter using a 144MHz I/F.

The complete Kit includes professional Plated through hole PC boards, & all onboard components. This Kit requires a suitable +7dBm local oscillator, miscellaneous hardware, SMA connectors, cable etc to complete.

Please refer to the 13cm Transverter Block Diagram on how this Kit is used.

Please Note: This Kit will not tune down to 2400MHz. This Kit uses a number of SMD components including a very small SOT343 package device that requires some experience to successfully complete this Kit.

2700-4500MHz Frequency Converter

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