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DC to 35MHz Direct Digital Synthesizer Kit using an Analogue Devices 10 bit 180MHz AD9851 DDS chip, which is suitable as simple VFO for many SRD Receiver or Transceiver projects using switching mixers. This Kit produces two 90 degree phase shifted I/Q square wave outputs up to 35MHz.. The various connections on the IDC header allows the board to be used with many micro controller projects found on the WEB, including the EME170 PIC Controller, or M1-DDS Controller Kits.   The DDS output uses a 70MHz 7th order elliptic low pass filter to a 74HC74D divide by 2 circuit, and is suitable for interfacing to the Softrock series of Kits.

Frequency Range:
DC to 35MHz ( AD9851 )
I/Q Outputs:
+5 p-p square wave output 90 degrees phase shifted
Low Pass Filter:
70MHz 5th order elliptic
Spurious Output:
Unable to measure
Board Interface:
+5v logic levels on inputs and outputs
Clock: 30MHz using the AD9851 x6 multiplier for 180MHz
Operating Voltage: +12 to 14vdc ( +12vdc @ 130mA )
Board Size: 65mm L x 45mm W x15mm H

For more information see the EME167 KIT WEBPAGE

Please refer to the DDS-VFO Block Diagram on how this Kit is used

Basic AD9851 I/Q DDS

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