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1 x Kit of component parts as requested including courier delivery $322.20  see proforma invoice # 19076


10x  L12n-1008  

10x  L22N-1008

10x  L47n-1008

10x  L100n-1008

10x  L180n-1008

10x  L220n-1008

10x  L330n-1008

10x  L750n-1008

 4x  L680N-0805  (-- if 1008 not available ---)

 Trimmer Caps 

 10 x 10pF  TZB4-10 Trimmer 3-10p NPO  ($2.20) 4.0W x 4.5L x 3.0H  SMount

10 x 25pF  TZB4-25 Trimmer 4-25p NPO  ($2.95) 4.0W x 4.5L x 3.0H  SMount

4 x 50pF  TZB4-50 Trimmer 7-50p NPO  ($3.25) 4.0W x 4.5L x 3.0H  SMount

4 x 40pF  JML06-1-10 Trimmer 3.8-10p N450  ($0.55) 4.0W x 4.5L x 3.0H   white through hole

4 x 40pF  JML06-1-40 Trimmer 6-40p N2200  ($0.55) 4.0W x 4.5L x 3.0H    yellow through hole

4 x 120pF JML06-1-120 Trimmer 38-120p N2200  ($0.55) 4.0W x 4.5L x 3.0H black through hole

10 x 10pF  TZC-10 Trimmer 3-10p ($1.50) 3.2W x 4.5L x 1.8H small Smount

4 x 20pF  CV02-20 Trimmer 3.5-20pF 5.0W x 5.8L x 9.0H LeadS space=5mm ceramic through hole 

5 x ADE-1 Mixer ($6.95) ADE mixers 10 x SMA SMA37 PCB Mount 1.6mm ($3.30)

10 SMA 15-GP Female 2 Hole Chassis Mount Connector ($3.30)

10x SMA09-GP SMA Female PCB Mount ($3.30) Vertical mount

10x SMA13 Male Plug 4 hole ($3.40)  for for O/P to RX or filter? 

2x AFS434S3 434MHz filter ($1.95) 434 MHz SAW +/-2   MHz Passband 2.7dB Abracon

2x AFS315E3 315MHz filter ($3.30) 415 MHz SAW +/-0.3 MHz Passband 3.0dB Abracon


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